Welcome to The Mystic Sisters: twin sisters writing about art, beauty, culture and relationships.

Amy and Julie are identical twin sisters who have always loved creating together, but until now, we have largely kept our online presences separate. You may know Amy as @amytheartist on Twitter, and Julie as @juliewrites.

We both write for Evie Magazine; Amy is an oil painter, and Julie does media bias work for AllSides. Outside of the digital realm, we also do fire dance performances together.

We’re now launching a joint Substack, The Mystic Sisters, as a place where both of us can share our writing, podcasts, and creations! By subscribing, you’ll see posts featuring Amy’s latest oil paintings, musings from both of us about relationships and culture, and podcasts featuring the two of us.

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About The Twins

Amy Mastrine is an artist who creates oil paintings intended to honor the divine and sacred. She’s also a writer for Evie Magazine.

Julie Mastrine is a writer for Evie Magazine and other publications. She’s also the director of marketing and media bias ratings for AllSides.com.


Julie 🌷
writer at Evie Magazine • director of marketing & media bias ratings at AllSides.com • appreciator of truth & beauty • https://linktr.ee/julie.ann
Mystic Sisters
Twin sisters writing about art, beauty, culture and relationships.
Amy the Artist 💜
Orthodox ☦️ Artist 🎨 Mystic✨ Woodland fairy 🌲 Please subscribe to my shared Substack with my twin, The Mystic Sisters: https://mysticsisters.substack.com/ For my art and other writings: https://linktr.ee/amytheartist